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Welcome To PetsMost;

The Pet Lovers Website And Forum.

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Pets can touch Our Heart and Soul in ways rarely experienced otherwise. They display a quality of loyalty seldom found in relationships between people. Pets tend to be honest, innocent, and are always glad to see us. Pets don't find fault, or argue, or have ulterior motives. Pets simply are what they are - without pretense or fa├žade or complicated egocentricity. it is no wonder our pets hold such a special place in our hearts and in our homes. And though this website was founded for business purposes, it is nonetheless dedicated to nurturing those very special friends we lovingly refer to as our pets.

Takoda - my friend and horse
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My name is Scott French. I am the creator and webmaster of this website. Please feel free to contact me.


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For those using this site - Please Note - It is my goal that this site retain my original inspiration of being a pet lovers cyberhaven. I will do all I can to continue developing, running, and guiding this site in that direction - regardless of who owns it. Thanks.

For questions or more info, please feel free to contact me at: mail@ScottFrench.info

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Some Memorable Moments With My Own Pets

We all like to share photos and video clips about our pets. I would encourage you to do just that - but for now, I would ask that you put your photos & clips on your facebook / YouTube accounts or whatever site you use for this type of content - and share the links to these photos & video clips here at the PetsMost Chat Forum. See The Intro Video for info on how to do this.

Over the course of my life I have had many beloved pets. Most of these pets - and all that reside with me now, including my horse - Takoda, came as a result of "rescue" related circumstances. I mention this to encourage others to consider adopting your next pet; or even taking in that occasional starving and abandoned animal on the side of the road that needs a home. I have many fond memories of faithful fury friends that came into my life in this manner. And though it always seems inconvienient at the time, the long term rewards are priceless.

The Founders Pets ~ A Slide Show

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Pet Lost And Found - Locator Service

More on this pet locator service to be announced soon.

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